Dahlia Gray

Character Name: Dahlia Zahar Gray

Aliases: Morningray

Played By: Maddy L

Position: Site-██ Rapid Response Team Sniper/Designated Marksman (Active)

Description: Dahlia is approximately 5'8 and 180 lbs. She has long black hair with chunks of purple dyed in. He skin is on the paler side, but she has some prominent Middle Eastern features. Ms. Gray's eyes are dark grey, almost black. She has several tattoos, the most notable of which is a stylized purple vine leading up her left arm, over she shoulder to a large tattoo of a cypress tree on her back. her casual clothes are usually comfy jeans, a tank top, combat boots, and fingerless gloves. On the job she wears whatever is needed for the job.

Background: Dahlia Gray was born in Chicago, Illinois, December 17th, 1983. Her father was a member of the Chicago Police Department, working as a Gang Specialist, her mother was a political sciences teacher at the University of Chicago. She was raised in a nice enough neighbourhood, though her parents made sure that she and her siblings saw the different places of their city, and understood that there were people out there that needed help. When she graduate from high school, she immediately joined the police force, working hard through training, and applying to join the SWAT team as soon as possible, becoming a designated marksman.

She was recruited into the Foundation during a routine sweep for competent mainline security forces. She integrated into her site assignment very quickly, and is quick to make friends. She has been part of several containment breaches, and is shown to work well under pressure. Originally working solely as on-site rapid response, Ms. Gray has become available for temporary attachment to field units when needed.

Dahlia Gray is fluent in Hebrew and Arabic.

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