Name: Curse

Aliases: Curse, (no official SCP number designated, pending, recently acquired), "Seth"

Played by:QE

Appearance: Caucasian Male, Approx. 5' 8", light amount of whit hair, light complexion, bright green eyes, prosthetic limb for left leg (appears to be made of bronze) as well as right arm.

Description: Appears to have possible schizophrenia or potentially multiple consciousnesses. He claims that these voices are trapped inside and request to be released on a constant basis, he is reserved but has periods of becoming social due to inward or outside stimuli. When he directly "touches" any given object (be it living or not) with said prosthetic it will take on unnatural properties, creating possible dangerous SCP's that require containment, (possibly the voices he claims are inside him are these manifestations in the touched object) therefore he has been immediately contained by the foundation due to his extreme risk given this ability. Shows extreme mood swings due to this ability and no memory of acquiring his prosthetics (which have been impossible to remove thus far)

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