Cup Cleaning Robot 3000
CCR-3000 attempting to deep clean a Mobile Task Force

Character Name: Cup Cleaning Robot 3000

Aliases: CCR-3000, That god damn piece of [EXPLETIVE]

Played By: ChrisAKAPiefishChrisAKAPiefish

Position: A cup cleaning robot in the employ of the foundation. Yes it is employed, it gets paid and everything. Fuck knows what a robot wants with money. Fuck knows where the foundation even got it from.

Description: Cup Cleaning Robot 3000 is a cup cleaning robot. It is of a bulky vaguely humanoid shape with tracks instead of legs. CCR-3000 is despite its name completely unsuited to cleaning cups. Its hands are far too large to fit into cups so it breaks most of them, it grips cups so tightly that it breaks them, it has miniguns attached to its arms and claims they are for "deep cleaning purposes" and will routinely "accidentally deep clean employees." CCR-3000 speaks in a deep but pleasant robotic voice.

Background: No one really knows why the foundation has CCR-3000 or where it even came from…or why they're keeping it. All requests for CCR-3000 to be removed from the foundation have been denied by O5.

Notes: CCR-3000 will not touch disposable cups. Do not bring in a personalised mug/cup/flask/whatever unless you really want CCR-3000 to "clean" it.

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