Craig Palmer

Character Name: Craig Palmer

Aliases: Craos, Doodle

Position: MTF Agent, pending Mobile Task Force assignment. Security Clearance Level-3

Age: 32

Description: Craig Palmer is quite tall, thin, and has scruffy, medium-length brown hair which is normally covered by a black visored beanie. He is usually seen around Site-19 in jeans, a thin black hoodie and sneakers. He has a large scar across his right eyebrow and multiple small scars across his lower back which are barely visible on his pale skin, although when people ask how he got them he makes a witty comment and avoids the subject. He likes a good laugh with colleagues, and his strange mix of English, Scottish and American accents makes these times even more enjoyable.

He never leaves his room without:

  • A small LED torch
  • A pack of chewing gum
  • His personalized M1911A1 pistol (Completely black with the exception of white angel wings etched into the grip)
  • A black notebook and a pencil
  • His wristwatch

Background: He was born in Birmingham, England where he lived up until he was 10 before moving to North-East Scotland. After finishing high school he attended college in Aberdeen. During a road-trip around the USA with his friends at the time, he picked up a slight American accent that has never truly left him.

Nobody seems to know much about how Craig got his first job at the GOC, although there are a few wild rumors going around. It was in the PSYCHE Division working as a Special Observer that he earned the name "Doodle", his designated code name at the time, in reference to the fact that he was often too busy doodling in his notebook to pay attention to orders. He was later recruited to the Foundation after showing resourcefulness and bravery in the face of severe danger, saving the lives of multiple civilians and MTF personnel.

His life at the Foundation is fairly uninteresting between the odd jobs that he picks up here and there. He has a small group of colleagues that he mainly socializes with, but this doesn't mean that he's shy.

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