Craig Foster

Character Name : Craig Foster

Aliases : Craig, Agent Foster (if you're being formal)

Played by : Willofol

Position : UIU Special Agent

Description : 6' 2", 23 years old. Dark brown hair and dark blue eyes. Often seen wearing a shirt and tie. Eager to make a good impression.

Background : Possibly one of the few agents ever to willingly apply for the UIU, Agent Foster transferred from the Boston branch of the FBI at the age of 22. He has worked in the UIU ever since. He joined the FBI after completing college, having achieved excellent results in Computer Science. He wanted to join the FBI ever since watching various spy thrillers as a kid with his Dad, Edward Foster, who raised him alone after his mother killed herself when he was six. He phones his dad frequently, as his Dad is proud of how his son is getting along "protecting the country".

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