Cpt. Steven Renalt

Cpt. Steven Renalt

Aliases: Ren, Cap, The Old Dog

Position: Leader of MTF Kappa-23 (The Foxhounds)

Area of Operation: Site 19, field

Played by: totallynotspiders

Description: Cpt. Renalt is an old ex-marine. Tall, muscular, and built like a tank. He has jet black hair with a thick streak of grey. Steel grey eyes an a scarred face. Despite his intimidating appearance, he is a kind and caring person. Takes care of his teammates. Acts like a father more than a captain.

Background: Cpt. Renalt is a decorated military veteran. Shortly after his last tour of duty in his late thirties, Renalt was approached by representative from the Foundation because of his involvement and assistance following a containment breach. Looking at the opportunity as a way of doing more good, Renalt graciously accepted. He was given his own team, Kappa-23, and was tasked with tracking down, locating, and temporarily containing unidentified anomalies. Renalt gave his team the title 'Foxhounds' for their habit of flushing out humanoid and animal anomalies with ease, usually through harassment and loud noise.

Hobbies: Hanging out with his team; trading old war stories with other MTFs; training new recruit Pvt. Alice Lautner, a girl who he plans on making his replacement when the time comes for this old dog to retire.

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