Cpt. Gregory Vance

Character Name: Cpt. Gregory Vance
Played by: Lt Wesley Snipes
Position: Commander of Mobile Task Force Sigma-5
Clearance: Level 4

Description: Stands 5' 6" tall with gunmetal grey eyes. His hair is black and kept high and tight. He is never seen without his sidearm, a custom M1911.

Background: Cpt. Gregory Vance was born in London, England to working class parents. When he turned 18, he joined the Royal Marines and promptly attracted the attention of the Foundation during Incident-[REDACTED] due to his heroic actions in containing the anomaly. He continued to serve with the Royal Marines for another 8 years, when he received an honorable discharge when his mother was hospitalized. When he left, the Foundation approached him and offered him a position in the organization, which he accepted.
Cpt. Gregory Vance is highly skilled in close combat and infiltration. He served in [REDACTED] where he suffered multiple combat wounds inflicted by a sapper. This resulted in a slight case of paranoia and his carrying of a sidearm at all times.

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