Cpl. Boris Obikolka

In-Depth File On Corporal Boris Mstislavovich Obikolka

Cpl. Boris Mstislavovich Obikolka
AKA: Boris, Corporal Obikolka, Commander Obikolka
Task Force Alias: "Diktator" ("Strongman" when translated from Russian)

(Played by Forum Member MonztaMahz (Taz) )

Class 3 Security Personnel at Site 17
Acting Commander of Reserve Task Force Lambda Nine ("Royal Flush").

Pale skinned, light brown crew-cut hair, small grey-green eyes, 5'Oclock shadow, Heavily muscled.
Speaks fluent British English, In a slowed, methodical tone.
Of Russian-Bulgarian descent with English and US citizenship.
Originally from Suffolk, Eastern England. Now a permanent resident at Site-17's Security wing.
41 y/o 4''9'' 200 pounds.

Only child of Mstislav and [CLASSIFIED] Oblikolka, He was orphaned at five years old when undercover British FSB agents killed his father and his mother committed assisted suicide. He was held at [CLASSIFIED] Orphanage in Suffolk, England, and home schooled. He was often criticized by the other orphans for his short height and strange accent, so he taught himself to speak impeccable (albeit slow-sounding) English and began training at his local gymnasium to combat the bullying of the other children. He quickly became the 'Top Boy' at his orphanage thereafter, challenging the other orphans to weights or swimming challenges, which he always won.
This Independent attitude was what prompted him to leave the orphanage at just 15 years old, becoming a local beach lifeguard. He enjoyed the harsh English weather and challenging, sometimes dangerous work, staying with them for a 10 year stretch and becoming very well respected by his peers.
Unfortunately in 1991 he was sentenced to a fifteen year minimum sentence in a medium security prison for homicide after causing the death of [CLASSIFIED] when he caught him stealing from his home a second time. Though the homicide was originally to be deemed justified after supporting evidence was found, further research showed that [CLASSIFIED] was mentally unstable at the time, causing the jury to deem Boris guilty.
Boris was compliant with his sentence and maintained a record of 'good behavior an co-operation' with only a few minor violations for the best part of nine years. However, after he was found to have ties to the devastating [CLASSIFIED], causing the death of several staff and inmates at the prison, he was tried for several counts of aiding and abetting murder, found guilty, and put on Death Row. After serving one year and seven months on Death Row he was brought to The Foundation and assigned the tag of D-141-17 at site 17.
Boris was put through some painful testing involving realizing SCP-208 abilities, leading him to think of the foundation as 'immoral sadists', and he would try to plot a way to escape the facility every night. On the twenty ninth day of his D-Class employment, a breach of containment at site 17 compromised the current research he was involved in. He was about to start finding a way out of the facility, when he saw that one of the Class Four Security personnel badly injured and trapped under a fallen girder. Managing to lift the jagged metal and free the injured guard, [CLASSIFIED] was impressed by Boris's heroic efforts and immense strength, and together they escaped the site to safety.
Once everything was contained, [CLASSIFIED] told the rest of the Security Personnel of his rescue. Boris was commended and recruited to his current placement within the foundation, all previous crime now exempt.

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