CPL Alex Reiner

Name: Alex Reiner

Aliases: Wraith

Age: 23

Played By: Ryanwraith

Position: Field Operative

Security Clearance: Level-2 clearance

Description: Male Caucasian. 5'9, average build, with Brown hair and blue eyes. Seen in his uniform when he is on site, or on duty..

Background: An ex-Greek Marine, Alex Reiner discovered the Foundation through special circumstances. When he was out on patrol he had accidentally wandered onto a SCP. His squad was attacked by the SCP, and he and only two of his fellow Marines managed to capture the SCP. The surviving marines immediately contacted there commanding officers. The Officers held the SCP for two days before the Foundation got word of the SCP in the Greek hands and immediately acted. The Foundation captured the SCP and investigated the case. Upon discovering the men who had captured the SCP, they instantly 'volunteered' them for security.

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