Complaint on staff member 45/b

This is a formal Complaint 45/b on a member of security staff _Corporal Shepard_ to a high-ranking staff manager,
filled out by _Corporal Wilson_ on a basis of:
A, Endangering other members of staff by not fulfilling assigned duties
B, Deliberate lowering of morale of coworkers
C, Not fulfilling extra-ordinary duties assigned by Task-distribution officer
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This document has to be signed and certified by appropriate authorities and only then can be considered a valid cause for termination of employment, financial bonuses, and the employee in question.

This document has been filled out on 22.2.2014 , with violations of protocol occuring for the past _60_ days of service

All information must be written in this document. Personal notes can be attached with document 45/b2, but MUST be circulated together with this document.

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