Class-D Samuel Argost

Name: Samuel Argost

Played by: TheOtakuArtistTheOtakuArtist

Aliases: Sam, D-31415

Age: Recently turned 21

Description: Samuel has hazel eyes, light blonde, short, scruffy hair with small amount of bangs which are parted to the side, and a very small amount of growing stubble. His most recent medical checkup concluded that he was still undergoing a small growth in height, but was almost past full growth. Samuel is quite fast for a college student that double-majors, with a healthy muscle build. Outside of his cell, Samuel wears an orange Class-D jumpsuit. At his cell, he can be seen with a crimson T-shirt, dark blue jean shorts, and a red handkerchief (which is something that he values dearly) around his neck.

Weight: 172 pounds
Height: 6'2'' (1.88 meters)

He normally acts formal, kind, and quiet to nearly anyone besides his closest friends. One of the most notable traits of his personality is the fact that he's quite inquisitive and friendly.

He has an extremely high intellectual capacity when it comes to mathematical and numerical systems, and how to apply these systems in physics calculations. He was studying to finish a Bachelor's of Science at M.I.T. in Physics and Mathematics (double major).

Background: Samuel was born in Spain, and moved to Massachusetts when he was a baby. As a result, he was raised as a native bilingual speaker, and was adored by relatives in his childhood. He was (and still is) extremely studious, healthy, and hardworking; however, at the time he was somewhat introverted and not outgoing. All this gave him the title of child prodigy over the years. After many years of hard work, he was able to speak three languages perfectly (English, Spanish, and German), and ended up receiving a scholarship to start his academic career.

He was later accused by many witnesses to be the murderer of three young women in his county. He was sent to court and was found guilty, despite denying to have had anything to do with the crime. He was convicted for second degree murder and charged with 20 years in prison. The Foundation later found him and decided to use him as a Class-D Personnel. Albeit being put in prison and used for The Foundation, he's still high-spirited.

Samuel is currently located in Site-19, working as a Class-D personnel member.

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