Chelsea Elliott

Character Name: Dr. Chelsea Elliott
Aliases: "Photosynthetic"
Concept: Plant geek who gets paid for it

Played By: PhotosyntheticPhotosynthetic

Description: A Caucasian woman, thirtyish, rather physically unremarkable: average height and medium build (5'6", 140lb), wavy brown shoulder-length hair, gray eyes behind rimless glasses, a rather prominent nose, and an otherwise-forgettable face. She has numerous small, well-healed scars on her hands and forearms, many of whose stories she'll happily tell. Her dress sense is inconspicuously moderate (well, other than that penchant for the sweatervest-and-white-blouse combo), with a lot of solid colors.

Position: SCP Foundation Researcher, Class C, Clearance Level 3 (primarily stationed at Site-19)

Background: Chelsea's early life was comfortably normal: middle-class Midwestern upbringing, close supportive family life, good schooling and a lot of hobbies. She's always loved to teach and learn. In college, her longtime propensities for teaching and science began to blossom; she earned three botany degrees in quick succession, and went on to a post-doctoral pteridology position. It was during this postdoc that the Foundation recruited her; she pounced on the opportunity, excited by the prospect of working with something truly strange and new.

She's a Foundation researcher now, more-or-less-seasonally divided between lab work (winter) and low-risk field studies (summer), consulting frequently for MTF Theta-4 ("Gardeners"). She's been head researcher for SCP objects in the past, but is between assignments at the moment, working instead on a slew of anomalous and as-yet-unclassified objects.

Skills & Assets:

  • Expert botanist (Ph.D., specializing in fern taxonomy and ecology)
  • Good with general natural history and biology
  • Skilled in design, maintenance, and modification of anomalous containment procedures for objects falling within her field of expertise; has worked with a solid handful of SCP objects
  • Familiar with backpacking, navigation, and wilderness survival
  • Good at botanical illustration and field sketching
  • Beginning marksman; knows some self-defense techniques

Personality: Chelsea is and always has been an enormous geek, not that she's used that specific term much since her twenties. She gets openly excited about the things she loves, especially the plants she studies (and her favorite science fiction, but that's neither here nor there). She's having the time of her life in the Foundation, containing and studying strange wonders, though she's having more and more to quelch the little inner voice that asks why some of these can't be made public. Her general enthusiasm can border on mania, especially in the (somewhat unhealthy) way it rebounds after tragedy.

She also has a rather strong tactile curiosity, tending to investigate things with her hands whenever possible. The constellation of little scars on her hands isn't exactly coincidence. (At least she has the sense not to try it with anything really dangerous.)


  • Daniel Aeslinger: Chelsea likes him well enough, though they've only just met. She appreciates his ability to put people at ease.
  • Dr. B-166ER: He seem pleasant enough, but there's a menace underlying it that makes her very wary. Why is he not properly contained? Somebody really dropped the ball on this one.
  • Seamus Benson: A rather sweet old fellow, actually. He asked about her plants, which is a pretty quick way to her heart.
  • Ernest Clemenceau: He must be quite competent in his own field, but he didn't make the best first impression on Chelsea. Seems disconcertingly dotty.
  • Alice Erdrich: Competent and professional. Chelsea respects her.
  • Lucille Hale: Hard to judge a person when Klemperer's busy antagonizing her, but from what Chelsea can extrapolate, Hale is competent, professional, and takes no shit from anyone. Good.
  • Candace Kiergen: She's not sure what to think of this one. Ductwork? Heart attack first-aid fail? Medigun? Minecraft, sure, and pleasant enough… but this is not someone she particularly wants at her back.
  • Mark Kiryu: Good guy. Good colleague. Thoughtful person. Hilarious prankster. This is going to be a good field trip.
  • Zyn Kiryu: Chelsea's not sure why Zyn seems nervous around her, and she'd like to do something about that.
  • Werner Klemperer: Giant chip on his shoulder, and sneers at biology to boot. Competent, though, however abrasive. It's good to know there's good people in the materials lab, but she'll avoid this one all the same (for now), as she dislikes losing her temper.
  • Marward Lakewood: She's… not thrilled.
  • Alice Richter: A kindred spirit, passionate and interesting. Odd, yes, but around here, who isn't? Maybe she'd like to socialize sometime; Chelsea'd like to be friends.
  • Adam Tall: No opinion quite yet.
  • Dmitri Varkov: Seems nice (and kinda cute, too, adds the unhelpful voice of her love life).
  • Will Wallace: Fun guy, and he thinks the trinitite thing is cool! Skilled pianist. She rather hopes she didn't come on too strongly at Valentine's, though.

Appearances (in roughly chronological order):
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Other Info:
She has a pet cat at Site-19, an orange tabby named Hypatia. "Pip" is getting on a bit in years, and not particularly playful anymore; she's still a lap-cat extraordinaire, though, and that suits her human just fine. Chelsea dotes on her, and keeps strategic lint rollers at all her workplaces in order to ease the burden of orange and white hairs.

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