Chase Mare

Name: Agent Chase Mare

Position: Field Agent.

Age: 35

Traits: 6'ft and weighing in at 190 pounds, he can be seen wearing his black suit, tie and slacks. His grey and black hair combed back and neat. He is usually equipped with his signature half grin and nonchalant attitude, but when in the field he is tactical, curt, and always looks after the backs of his teammates. He could be mostly found at his desk with a mug of coffee between his lips, or at the target range, practicing with his sidearm.

Background: Born in San Diego California, he came from humble, middle class beginnings and graduated as an honor student, enlisting in the police in his twenties and later joining the Bureau after a quick stint in the Marines, he believed that joining 'The Suits' would make a difference by protecting the home front, he moved his way from pencil pusher to field agent with ease. He was transferred to the Unusual Incidents Unit after the disregard of orders during a run in with an unknown organization that enlisted a reality bending human, resulting in him firing upon another plainclothes agent and striking him in the shoulder. There were only two choices, be demoted back to a desk jockey and never be in the field again, or request a position in the dead end branch of the FBI. He chose the latter, and has no idea on what he got himself into.

Likes: Coffee and Hot chocolate mixed together, weapons training, sudoko and crossword puzzles, oldies music, banzai trees.

Dislikes: paperwork, incompetent people, reality benders, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, blues, pop, people who chew gum with their mouth open, being wrong.

Fighting Expertise: his preferred weapons are his body, tactical knife, and Colt .45, passed down from his military ancestry, while growing up he learned how to use whatever means in order to win a street fight, so yes, he has used a utility flashlight to K.O a hostile, and yes, he keeps it on his belt wherever he goes.

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