Capt. Ivan Walker

Character full name: Capt. Ivan Sebastion Walker

Age: 37

Aliases: Ivie, Bastion, The Walker, Commie, Ivan, Walker, Seb

Played by: thesilentking

Postion: Mobile Task Force

Known Skills: Charisma, intelligence, weapon proficiency, Basic medical training & tactical genius

Description: Tall, skinny man with blue eyes, brown hair, Ivan's left eye posses a deep scar over it. Ivan posses a strong charisma, sense of humour even in the most perilous situations often making quick friends with those he interacts with (including a handful of SCPs). If not wearing his standard black tactical vest & trousers he wears; a large black trench coat, trousers & black shoes.

Backround: Born febuary 26, 1978 in Moscow, Russia Ivan grew up in full support of communism; but was disheartened upon the collapse of the USSR in 1991. Ivan immigrated to America where he was an outcast due to his political ideals, at the age of 20 he returned to Russia and joined the Spetsnaz serving for 5 years after which he was dishonourable discharged for Insubordination. Upon returning home an SCP killed his family, Ivan attempted to subdue it which nearly cost him his life. He was found by a mobile task force sent to investigate, inspite of the loss of his eye he aided the team by distracting the SCP. Since he seemed to posses a natural resistance to amnestics, he was offered an ultimatum 'work for the foundation and recieve treatment for his injuries or die'. Ivan naturally agreed an dhas been aiding the foundation ever since.

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