Capt. David McKnight

Character name: Capt. McKnight

Aliases: Mackie, David McKnight, Hornet

Played by: Hessian

Position: Security detail, former member of the Seal team 6.

Clearance level: 3

Known skills: Hand to hand combat, stealth, and weapon proficiency.

Description: a tall, 37 year old man. Has a medium build with black hair and brown eyes and has a brownish skin. Cheerful and kind but ill-tempered when mocked. He still uses the seal emblem. He wears a standard security uniform and always carries a pistol with him (sometimes an M16A4 assault rifle). David McKnight has Scottish roots but is unnoticeable.

Background: Capt. David McKnight joined the seals at the age of 27 and started his career in 2004. He played a role in Operation Red Wing and Operation Neptune Spear. He is the oldest brother among the 3 McKnight brothers and a father to one daughter. He retired after his last mission back in 2010 and joined the foundation shortly after.

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