Bronze Heart

Item #: SCP-4997

Object Class: Keter

Played by: GuardCaptVinnyGuardCaptVinny

Aliases: 4997, Bronze Heart, Apprentices

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4997-1 is to be contained in a large containment cell in the heavy containment zone. The cell should be filled with water, and chemicals that cause heavy rusting. SCP-4997-2 and 3 should by held in separate holding cells, and if in testing, they are to be shackled. Any instance of SCP-4997-4 should be terminated.

Testing is required by a Clearance Level 3 and up.

Description: SCP-4997-1 is an expanding bronze contraption made entirely out of pipes, screws, and gears. When living creatures come in contact with SCP-4997-1, or the "Bronze Heart", as SCP-4997-2 and 3 refer to it, the creature or human will be inveloped in a swarm of gears, pipes, and screws, instantly crushing the target. SCP-4997-1 is infinitely expanding at an extremely slow rate. Robotic devices and beings are not effected by SCP-4997-1. SCP-4997-2 and 3 are two (2) robed entities which bodies are completely made of gears and metal skin. They are both hooded, which conceals their face, which currently can not be studied. SCP-4997-2 is male, and 4997-3 being female. They refer to themselves as "Apprentices". SCP-4997-2 and 3 are harmless, except for the fact that they will persuade their target to touch SCP-4997-1. SCP-4997-2 and 3 are fluent in Ancient Greek, Latin, and English. SCP-4997-4 are constructs of gears that are determined to bring any human to SCP-4997-1. They are extremely hostile.

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