Brienne Rennigan

Character Name: Brienne Rennigan

Aliases: Bri, Dr. Rennigan, Researcher Rennigan

Age: 41

Played by: IraKey

Position: Analytical Psychologist

Security Clearance: Level 2

Qualifications: PsyD in counseling psychology, master's degree (MS) in psychology, as well as 10 years clinical experience

Physical Description: comparatively short and stocky, with dark skin and freckles. When on duty, often seen wearing slacks and formal shirt under labcoat. This changes little off duty. Prefers to dye naturally dark hair a deep plum brown. No jewelry, sans a cheap watch.

Background: Brienne was raised in BackWoods (TM), Alabama by their conservative parents. They "ran away" from home at age of seventeen with a childhood crush. Two plane trips later, Brienne was in Italy with no money, no boyfriend, and no life.

Brienne returned to the States and got their GED before starting college at 19. They worked their way through college, learning about their atypical gender identification in the process (non-binary/genderfluid). They started working for a small professional firm, taking in wealthy clients. It was on their suggestion that they take on less fortunate clients as well.

Brienne took it upon themselves to learn as much as they could, taking first-aid and emergency response classes as they were allowed to do. The Foundation discovered them through their research journals into the various effects of abnormal trauma. They were invited to join with the promise of being able to continue their work for a worthwhile cause.

Personality: They are abrasive while off-duty, temper matched by their height. Constant teasing as a child and invalidation as an adult has made them distrustful of strangers. On-duty, they are professional but often sympathetic, especially if an anomalous event brings them in close vicinity to children. Brienne has a habit of talking out loud to no one to try and work out problems, and they can often be found attempting more complicated problems by writing things out in the air. Despite their temper, Brienne is also unwaveringly loyal once one gets past their initial distrust. This has led to them being hurt more than once, thickening that wall each time.

Brienne prefers masculine or gender neutral titles and pronouns. They haven't chosen a more gender neutral name because they have only recently felt comfortable enough to publicly identify as non-binary.

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