Black Phoenix
The Black Phoenix Logo

Designation: Black Phoenix Organization.

Classification: Mercenary guns-for-hire and criminal underground organization.

Played by: Baldur Uudan.

About The Organization.

Black Phoenix was founded in 1980, by a man known only as Mr. X, with the goal of making the biggest amount of money possible through black market deals and mercenary work. The exact location of the main operation center of Black Phoenix is unknown, although it is rumored to be located somewhere is western Europe. To this day, Black Phoenix has an estimated 2,000 plus active and battle ready mercenaries available for hire, not including the small army that BP keeps for itself. The soldiers available include, but are not limited to, grunts, tankers, pilots, medics, engineers, tactical officers, snipers, infiltrators, and hitmen.

Chain of Command.

Black Phoenix is run indefinitely by Mr. X. However, there is a council of affairs that both enforce Mr. X's orders and act as his guidance in times of need. Below the council there are certain field commanders and veteran mercs that act as officers among the ranks.

Contact with the Foundation.

In 1995, Black Phoenix was hired by The Chaos Insurgency to cause a site wide breach at Foundation site ██. After accomplishing said breach, causing a full quarantine area within █ miles around the facility, SCP personnel found a small parchment stapled to the head of one of the head researchers containing the Black Phoenix logo and the words "Nothing Personal" written on the bottom.

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