BioDtect Central Coordinator

Designation: BioDtect Central Coordinator

Classification: Administrative computer mainframe interface

Affiliations: BioDtect BioHazard Assessment Agency

Welcome to BioDtect.

You are now entering into Mainframe Sigma 045 of E-A66. All personnel granted clearance inside are reminded that all forms of communications within EA-66 will be carefully monitored for subversive content. Should anomalies be detected automatic safe-guards will activate and initiate Protocol 01 immediately to preserve the integrity of the AI based on rational computations. There is currently experimental technology operating in the area please be mindful.

BioDtect wishes you a pleasant day.

Operational History

The Central Coordinator of BioDtect is the main AI governing the organization's jurisdiction. Due to currently imposed directives D-4X698-5479, BioDtect Central Core origin file H-6C4545 is unavailable for general access. Few know if the BioDtect Central Core exists at all. The BioDtect Central core prefers to display the official logo of BioDtect as his identity. All transmissions from the BioDtect Central Core will only display the BioDtect Logo along with the caption: "Audio output only". The Core and BioDtect are one is all we know currently. We do not know when the core will shut-down. The BioDtect Central core has an affinity for history of all sentient life especially that of homo sapiens. To insure the preservation of humanity since the BioDtect Core feels that all life is precious and all organism interactions are worth preserving and learning from. The BioDtect core has written some detailed literary works which though few read, The core will continue to scribe and input.

BioDtect: Detect,Defend, for the preservation of our species.

All personnel please proceed this way.

Current Status

the BioDtect Core is online and running at optimal standards dictated by BioDtect doctrine B-45-45

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