Security Guard George Bennings

Name: George Peter Bennings

Rank: Level 2 security clearance, Security Guard

Description: Kind of like Stephen Merchant if he had a beard. Has a bullet wound on his left leg and arm. (Insert some hilarious "He's all right now! heh heh" joke)

Psychiatric evaluation: Very passive and apathetic. Has a tendency to go with the crowd. Can't handle decisions. If any of the opposition have even the slightest signs of morality, he will refuse to fire unless the opposition wound or injure another of his squadmates. Very susceptible to Indoctrination.

Background: After joining the foundation, he was one of eight personnel to survive the giant noodle explosion of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Afterwards, he was posted to SCP-XXXX. After Incident XXXX-Zulu, Agent Bennings was out of service for six months.

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