Benjamin Dvorik

Name: Benjamin Dvorik

Aliases: Benji

Played By: 5crownik0075crownik007

Position: Level-1 IT technician

Appearance: 29 years of age, consistently messy short brown hair with hazel eyes, pasty white complexion, wears glasses, usually looking very tired. Around 175 cm tall.

Description: Usually monotone voice, constantly sighing and incurious about the Foundation. Somewhat lazy, finding his job boring, and incessantly hunched over and nonchalant. Polite and quiet. Programs random minigames and programs in his spare time. Afraid of heights and the dark.

Background: Benjamin Dvorik was born in Belgrade, Serbia to an Alexander and Angeline Dvorik. His father was an independent software developer, and his mother was a microbiologist. Benjamin took after his father in trying to get as much knowledge as possible.

Benjamin in his early teens kept learning programming languages and tried different things, always striving to do more. He completed high school and moved onto the University of London, where he studied for his Computer Sciences degree. After completing his tertiary education, Benjamin was approached by the Foundation and offered a position in IT at Site-19. Benjamin received Level-1 clearance and works to keep the computers running to this day.


  • Level-1 ID card
  • Collection of cringe-worthy T-shirts
  • Other assorted clothing
  • Large collection of small programs and games. (digital and stored on USB #3.)
  • Modified laptop
  • Keychain with three USBs and a locker key
  • Glasses (and glasses case for storage)
  • A notepad with a morning to-do list
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