Benjamin Deshpande

Name: Benjamin Deshpande

Aliases: Ben, Benny, B-dog, B-Boy, Boppo, Bagel, Runny Babbit, Chris

Affiliation: SCP Foundation

Security Clearance: Level-3

Position: Containment Specialist

Current Location: Site-15

Played By: l33tr

Description: A 31-year-old male of mixed Korean and Middle-Eastern descent. Approximately 1.7 meters tall, below average weight. Brown eyes, short-cropped black hair, no discernible accent. Strongly dislikes nicknames.

Background: During a routine recruitment sweep, the Foundation took an interest in Benjamin's profile because he fit the bill for a potential containment specialist almost perfectly: no familial connections to speak of, 6 years' worth of combined military and law enforcement experience (thereby instilling into him both knowledge of weaponry and respect for the chain of command), and an occupation as something that would not be missed (a police officer in the slums of New Hampshire).

In addition to knowing his way around a firearm, he had spent 4 years at the University of New Hampshire getting a Bachelor's in Engineering. He also had a hobby of studying the internal workings of anything with a motherboard he could get his hands on. After obtaining his Bachelor's degree, he was rejected from every single job opportunity he applied for—of which there were many—within the first 20 minutes of the interview. At his father's suggestion to serve his country for a bit more money to keep his family afloat, Ben joined the Armed Forces for two 2-year tours of duty before returning home to find that his parents had been in a boating accident.

A changed man since the military, and with his past reputation as a vulgar, uncooperative delinquent still lingering and preventing him from getting any job offers in the tech department, he got a position as a police officer for another two years. His familiarity with both danger and technology made him a good candidate for helping to keep the entities at Site-15 in check.

Personality: Despite his abrasive nature, Benjamin is wholly objective in any and every scenario. Whether it's making a life-or-death decision in the midst of a Keter scip containment breach or a heated discussion in the canteen over whether or not disabled benefits should be granted to drug addicts, his resolve never wavers for a second.

During his off time, Benjamin thoroughly enjoys refining his hand-to-hand combat prowess, debating with people over trivial matters, or playing chess with any opponent he deems worthy (which is a very small category of beings) and winning almost all the time. It isn't difficult to motivate him to do something if you insult his intellect or respond to his verbal jousts with a formidable retort. Call him 'Chris' only if you want to be invited to a sparring match in which his sole aim is beating you to a pulp.

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