Name: Askad
Alias: Red Spy (Confused), Mirror (Annoyed), monster (Laugh), Shadow (Shrug).
Height:(Standard) 6'1
Weight: (standard) 120 lbs.

Appearance:(Standard) Skinny but toned, grey skin, light grey eyes, grey hair, neck length.

Attire: (Standard) black suit, red dress shirt, black tie.

Weapons: (Standard) S&W 500. Black switchblade

Background: [DATA CORRUPTED] Until adopted into the foundation. First classified as an SCP, his power and compliance has placed him in rotation amongst several Special Retrieval Units placed globally. This is both due to use and to hinder any attempts at stealing data.

Ability: Aside from a heighten sense of reflex and intelligence. Askad possesses three abilities that he uses to his great advantage. His most prominent is his ability to steal selective information from any person he comes into contact with physically. No form of clothing or armor prevents this as long as it's designed to be worn. The second is the ability to dislocate every bone in his body, making it virtually impossible to restrain him with personnel. While this isn't a talent that is usually noted as abnormal, he can use it's skill to navigate small spaces without getting stuck, and without making noise beyond the fabric of his clothing.

Askad's most important ability to note is the ability to perfectly copy the physical appearance of anyone he comes into contact with physically, matching the persons height, weight, gender, voice, and features with 100% accuracy. This coupled with the first ability makes him devastatingly dangerous regarding secret information.

Side notes: Askad holds a deep hatred for the SCP known as Xer0, and Agent Harkat

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