Arthur Flatwood

Played by TSATorTSATor
Aliases: Art, Arthur, Mr Flatwood, Flatwood
Sheet Status: Undergoing post-concrit expansion
Character concept: Survivor of event 332A from SCP-332
Age: 54

Biography: Born to parents Alan and Mabel Flatwood in the [Redacted] County Hospital on April 2nd 1959. He attended Elementry, Middle and Junior High School in the town of Sweetwater before starting at Kirk Lonwood. Event 332A occured during his Senior Year, he was present but doesn't remember the details as he was dosed with the same amnestics as everyone else.

After actually graduating High School and then College, Art went on to attend the University of Georgia where he studied Economics. He worked at local burger joint "The Fries Place" when not studying where he usually manned the tills, he also dealt with fries and drinks as is standard for fast food. He has since graduated and has had a number of promotions within the company to two years ago overseeing the State-wide roll-out of the chain as Chief Financial Officer. He appears to currently be making plans towards national roll-out, starting with neighbouring States.

Foundation personnel are reminded that Mr Flatwood is a member of Group of Intrest Upsilon-76. No matter how mundane their jobs they seem to attract Extranormal Events and Anomolus Items - and in the more extreme cases create them. Flatwood is to be monitored by the team tracking GoI U76 the same as any other member.

We have since identified his paternal grandparents as George Flat, a deceased member of group of interest Sigma-76 "Syncope Symphonies" and Harriet Wood, a music hall pianist.

Mr Flatwood is very nostalgic and is head of the Kirk Lonwood graudating class of 1976 Alumni committee (GoI U76-2). As the High School itself is located inside the SCP-332 Red Zone (The area as detailed in the Special Containment Procedures where noise will cause activation) we have repetedly denied access request to the committee through the appropriate front company Haze Industries Demolitions - the name used in 1976 for purchasing anomolous properties.

We believe the fact that "The Fries Place" has adopted a policy of only playing music from the label Pure Tone Records, a Syncope front, indicates infiltration by a Syncope mole. Due to the timing coinciding with his latest promotion, Mr. Flatwood is our prime suspect.

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Arthur Flatwood

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