Arlo Staunch

Character name: Arlo Staunch

Played by: Sapiens Ursus

Position: Foundation researcher, level 2 security clearance

Description: 6' tall, light brown hair and eyes, often sports facial hair, but never seems satisfied with the way it looks. Average build, physically strong but not extraordinarily so. Demeanor is never unpleasant, but many of his peers have described him as "plain".

Background: Arlo Staunch grew up in [REDACTED], a small, rural town in [REDACTED] County, WI. Graduated from [REDACTED] High School and attended [REDACTED] University, majoring in medical science. He then returned home and took a job as a physician's assistant, and opened a small veterinary clinic. He was recruited into the Foundation in 2010 after unknowingly treating and housing SCP-[REDACTED] for several months.

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