Aradin Marsh

Character Name: Aradin Marsh

Played By: AradinRed

Position: Security Officer

Age: 31

Security Clarence: Level 2 Due to his current position as a security officer.

Description: Aradin is a rather standard sized human, around 5' 9''. He wears a standard officer uniform, a Kevlar vest with multiple pockets containing ammo and other sorts of items for containing SCPs or dis-obedient class D personal, a helmet with a visor, covering most of his face, and a standard under uniform containing a fine blue fabric vest, and pants made of a more durable alteration of the fabric.

Background: Aradin grew up in a small town as a local police officer in Massachusetts. Overall his life was normal, and nothing truly interesting happened up until he became a police officer, which was filled with patrols and handling local disturbances. One day when he was checking into work, he found out he was drafted into a special branch, a Security Officer for the SCP foundation. Reasons why he was drafted into the facility, was from several incidents where he managed to take down several armed bank robbers, but avoided damaging any of them, trapping them in a closed off section of the bank after misleading them to a fake exit. They were left in the room, until they agreed to come out without their weapons, which was 4 hours after the initial trapping of the suspects. This attracted the foundation's attention due to his ability to avoid hurting lifeforms (Or in the case they recruited him for, SCPs) and a known track record for succeeded cases along with a reputation of not compromising vital information, or leaking it to any outside sources. He is not given much information on any SCPs, and is just merely aware of their existence. He has been working for the facility for two years.

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