Andrew Morris

Character Name: Researcher Andrew Morris

Aliases: None

Security Clearance: Level-2

Position: Junior Researcher

Current Location: Site-19

Played By: kol aumerkol aumer

Description: Caucasian male, late twenties, below average height, above average weight, short brown hair, brown eyes, slight New York accent. Wears his lab coat all the time, even when it is highly inappropriate.

Background: Andrew was born and raised in Yonkers, NY. Ever since he was a child, Andrew had a fascination with chemistry; while other kids were playing with action figures, he was constantly tinkering away with his atomic model sets.

After high school, Andrew attended the University of Rochester, earning a Bachelors in Biochemistry and a Masters in Theoretical Chemistry. After completing his Masters degree, Andrew was hired on by the █████ biotech firm, where he helped develop a number of new pharmaceutical drugs and bio-synthetic materials.

Andrew was recruited into the Foundation during a standard personnel sweep of the biotech industry, and was offered a junior research position at Site-19. Andrew has only been recently hired on by the Foundation, and mostly works with studying anomalous compounds produced by SCP objects.

Personality: Andrew is usually a quiet and reserved individual. The only time he really comes out of his shell is when discussing his work, which he can ramble on for hours about. He is a deeply dedicated researcher, often pulling accidental all-nighters when working on a project. Aside from his work, Andrew's main hobbies are reading, photography, and gardening (he is god awful at it, don’t let him near anything remotely plant like if you want it to live).

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