Anders Bjornsen

Character Name: Prof. Anders Bjornsen, PhD

Aliases: Andy, A.B., Prof

Played By: Drewbear

Description: Professor Bjornsen is a bear of a man, standing just under 2 meters (6'6") tall, broad and thick. Honey-blond hair and neatly trimmed strawberry-blond beard. Surprisingly delicate on his feet and silent when he wants to be. While on-Site, is usually found wearing khakis, pastel dress shirt and one of a seemingly endless number of god-awfully ugly sweater-vests. Perpetually cheerful, although Field Agents have occasionally seen him display a disturbingly quiet rage in certain bad situations in the field.

Background: Professor Bjornsen was recruited by the Foundation shortly after receiving his doctorate in Anthropology, and has since acquired more degrees in Psychology, Sociology, and Forensic Science. He's nominally assigned to the Medical and Mental Health department of Site 19 and reports to Dr. Glass, but can regularly be found out in the field as a support unit for a variety of MTFs and recovery teams, especially in situations involving anomalous intelligences or societies. Whereas Dr. Glass is concerned with maintaining the mental health of Foundation members, Prof. Bjornsen is concerned with analyzing the mental state of anomalous beings

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