Anara of Caenoros

Personnel Data: Military

Name: Anara of Caenoros

Serial Number: Beta-61118-264-7977

Played by: EskobarEskobar

Caste: Class III/Cyclopia (Underclass — Possessing Acceptable Physical Deformity)

Classification: Military

Specialization: Integrator

Height: 1.9 m

Weight: 65 kg

Age: 8 years (chronological), 24 years (biological)

Origin: Located living in unauthorized settlement in wooded region in outskirts of Caenis city, XXVI district, Oros region, APQN (Aristokratos Populuque Novomundus). Name assigned to entity by parental figures and local government entity assigned to such duties (Naabeeh├│ council). Captured during Integration raid against the unauthorized settlement. Designated Class-III and sent to appropriate creche in Caenis. Modified and developed into Integrator model 2.336 by autocreche process (Solon Creche Enterprise device).

Most Recent Assignment: Legion VI, Century X, Integrator Squadron IV

Most Recent Operation:: Esoteric operations in the area of Alexandria city, XI district, Sylvanos region, APQN. Unit assigned to conduct investigation and suppression of anomalous events reported in the area. Supported by multiple additional legions conducting civil peace restoration operations in the area.

Status: Missing in wake of termination of Alexandria city.

Nota Bene: Military exception to typical recycling policies for Cyclopia-designated individuals. Individual deformity allows for greater levels of autonomy and tactical thought than most Class III citizens, in spite of Integrator modifications.

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