Ana Harker

Character Name: Ana Harker
Aliases: Ana, Junior Researcher Harker
Played By: Dr Harker

Description: A 26-year-old newcomer to the SCP Foundation. Ana has black hair in a short and practical bobcut, tan skin, and brown eyes. She has a short and thin build, never having been one to care about appearances. While she has made some efforts to exercise more after being approached by the Foundation, they have yet to produce any visible results.
Personality: While many would say she is mousy at first glance, Ana is known to have a keen eye for the details that "stick out" of the norm. Outside of an official environment, Ana is the kind of person who keeps to herself, but is rarely afraid to speak her mind. She is, however, afraid that her preference for women will get her into trouble, so Ana intentionally works primarily around men to keep herself calm and undistracted, though this often serves to make herself look cold to the opposite sex. She is passionate about learning new things, and naively views her admittance to the Foundation as a golden opportunity.

Background: Ana recently completed studies in biology and psychology, and is awaiting assignment after being scouted out of an American University. Prior to university, Ana led a nondescript life without contact with any sort of anomaly, but she decided to act on her wanderlust when she accepted an offer from the Foundation. She has a track record in spotting irregularities and problem solving, which is what led to her being recommended to the Foundation by a connected professor in the first place, but Ana has yet to be tested out of her element.

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