Subject Name: Alpha

Played by: Drexden Miyabi

Species: Bioweapon

Age: 2 (chronological) 19 (biological)

Power: Ability to form blades from the edges of her body, they have a slightly higher durability than bone, but with enough force can be broken like an bone. Has advanced strength and speed, this does not mean she can fling cars like they are nothing, but they can lift them and throw them a small distance. And as for the Speed she can't go super sonic, but she can easily keep up with a speeding car if she had to. Only other main flaw is her extremely short temper.

Bio: Has been in stasis for the first year and six months of her existence until Xeno found a way to stabilize her body so it wouldn't overheat like so many of her predecessors. She is one of two successful Bioweapons to work nearly perfectly. Not much is known about her other than her fanatic need to protect Xeno, and her much stronger sister Omega. She is constantly getting into fights, which Omega usually bails her out of. Alpha doesn't have as high an intelligence

Weapon of choice: Her blades.

Appearance: 5'5" appears to be a nineteen year old girl in a hoodie with angel wings on the back, despite her attitude. She has short blonde hair, and emerald colored eyes.

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