Alon M. Khorev

Character Name: Alon M. Khorev (אלון מ. חורב)

Aliases: Alan (most common), Al, Corbie, Corbs, 

Played By: Alan CorbieAlan Corbie

Position: Level 2 field researcher, biblical and historical specialist.

Description: Tall, broad, with brown, shoulder length hair kept in a low ponytail, and blue eyes. Usually quiet and polite, but can be somewhat eccentric at times. Devoted and serious when it comes to his work. Has a habit of talking to himself when thinking. Always seen wearing army boots and a necklace he made for himself fashioned from a bullet casing and a coin. Alon is an observant Jew, and tries to maintain traditional practices alongside his work in The Foundation.

Background: Alon M. Khorev was born and raised in Israel 14/8/1975, to a Jewish American family. Alon took a heavy interest in learning at a young age, focusing studies mainly on science and history. Due to his religious upbringing, Alon also has extensive knowledge regarding Judaic scriptures, including but not limited to Tanakh, Talmud and Midrash. Alon served in Sayeret Matkal (General Staff Reconnaissance Unit) in the IDF for four years as part of his mandatory service and excelled in the unit. Following his four year service, Alon applied to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. There he took up history, focusing on biblical and religious scriptures, and received a PhD in history and biblical studies at the end of his coursework. Alon was recruited by the Foundation due to his education coupled with his military experience. The existence of several anomalous objects has challenged Alon's faith and he has found it difficult to cope with the issues this presents to the beliefs that he has held on to so long. 

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