Character : Alley Fran

Name: Alley Fran

Backround: Gold medalist in 100 meter Freestyle, Drug Addict, Murderer

Clearance Level: Level 2

Department/Position: Class-D Personnel

Physical appearance: Alley Fran is a rather tall female Caucasian with a slightly bulky muscle build due to her background in swimming. She has natural black hair with the right half of it dyed red. She is missing her right hand middle finger and has a large number of cuts up and down her arms and across her back. She has a tiny breast size and small hips, allowing her to disguise herself as a man if necessary for any reason quite easily. Her face seems utterly flawless with nice light green eyes and thick eyelashes. She prefers to wear brightly coloured clothing however is currently restricted to her bright orange prison jumpsuit and cuffs.

Age: 27

Personal History: Once an Olympic gold medalist for the United States Alley became a party animal. She had a party every two days. One day of fun and one day of paying people to clean it all up for her while she watched videos of the party on Youtube. This continued for a few weeks until she basically ran out of money. She quickly lost everything. Her car, her house, her clothes. She had the option to return to the Olympics but chose not to as she just wanted to party on drugs instead. She got a job as a waitress and used up all her money to buy herself food, water and more drugs. She chose to sleep in parks and alleyways as oppose to paying for an apartment. After a few years of this she got something new and more powerful than she had been using before and during her following high she murdered the owner of the diner she worked at and assaulted many of its customers before being tazed by police. The court hearing was quick and she was sentenced to life imprisonment as her insanity plea failed and it was found that she was never actually on a high and did what she had done of her own will. After a year in jail she was taken by the SCP Foundation to be used as a Class-D due to a lower number of persons on death row in the area.
Work Experience:

Current assignment: Aid in the research of dangerous SCPs

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