Researcher Alicia Tremain

Character Name: Alicia Tremain

Security Clearance: Level 2

Age: 27

Position: Junior researcher

BSc, physics (University of British Colombia)
MSc, Geophysics (UBC)

Played By: Palaios

Description: 163 cm tall, lightly built, shoulder length brown hair (generally tied back), blue eyes.

Background: Born and raised in Montreal, Alicia moved to the west coast of Canada to study physics at the University of British Colombia. After graduating college she continued on into graduate studies (MSc) at UBC, choosing to study geophysics due to the better employment prospects it offered. Her research entailed developing improved techniques for processing deep crustal seismic imagery.

Following the completion of her Masters, Alicia spent 3 years working for a major oil company, analyzing seismic data. During this time she displayed a flair for identifying and delineating structural features of reservoirs. She was promoted once due to her consistently excellent performance. While the work was well paid, she did not find it particularly interesting and began to look around for opportunities to use her skills in a more intellectually stimulating environment.

Alicia was eventually approached by the Foundation and offered a position. She readily accepted, looking forward to the opportunity to learn more about the workings of the world.

Alicia has been with the Foundation for a relatively short time and has primarily worked on methods of using seismic imaging to determine the extent of extra dimensional structures (e.g. how much of this tunnel is in this world vs how much of it is somewhere else).

Personality: Alicia is enthusiastic, curious and optimistic. She is currently delighted to be part of the Foundation and has thrown herself into the tasks that she has been assigned with some exuberance. She is self confident but has perfectionist tendencies which incline her to be responsive to criticism.

She is generally cheerfully disposed and tends to assume that others are friendly and well intentioned unless given evidence to the contrary.

Her hobbies include sailing, running, and cooking.

None (Yet!)

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