Alice Erdrich

Character Name: Alice Coraline Erdrich

Aliases: None

Played By: Maddy L

Position: PhD. Animal Biologist, Large Animal Veterinarian. Anomalous Animal Researcher and site vet for Site-██, Animal Containment Wing Delta.

Description: Alice is about 5'3, 125 lbs, has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She keeps her hair in an asymmetrical bob. She has a tattoo of Frith, from Watership Down, on the back of her neck, and tulips on her right thigh.

Background: Alice was born March 15th, 1979 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to Alton Erdrich and Marion Erdrich. Her mother passed away two weeks later, leaving her father to raise her alone. They moved frequently because of his military job, leading her to become rather introverted. Taking company in the form of animals most of her life, she grew up to be a talented vet, and later an animal biologist. She specialized in large animals and livestock, but has a fondness for rodents and lapines.

She was picked up by Prometheus Labs, and quickly worked her way up the chain. She showed interest in The Foundation, and got her chance to "transfer" to Bio-Research Area-32. Alice was planted as a researcher on SCP-042 because of her familiarity with equines of normal and anomalous natures. After a near mental breakdown, Erdrich requested and was approved for a transfer.

Shortly after her transfer to Site-23, she served as interim head of research. In early 2013, restructures in existing tables of organization at Site-23 shunted a number of personnel to other sites in need of experienced researchers, leading to Alice's transfer to Area-354. Eventually she transferred again to Site-██, becoming the head vet for anomalous and service animals. Though she has not been in charge of any one SCP, she consults on most anomalous animal cases for the site.

Alice is fluent in English, French and American Sign Language.

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