Alexander Stark

Character name: Alexander Stark

played by: Doctor William White

Description: A member of the Serpent's Hand, Alexander Stark is nothing out of the ordinary in appearance. He looks about 25 and is taller than average, lean, with close-cropped jet black hair and grey-blue eyes. He speaks with an English gentleman’s accent. In many respects, you could mistake Stark for an average man - and that’s what he wants you to think.

Generally, he’s quite sociable, often going out to famous pubs around the world with other members of the Serpent’s hand. Stark hosts tournaments of the video game Team Fortress 2 at some time every three months; this has grown to be quite an event among the gamers in the Serpent’s Hand, often lasting a month or so before a winner is decided. Normally hosting a game this big would be impossible, but he's found that setting up a server in the Wanderer's Library causes the signal to "leak" out of the Ways, thus creating an even connection throughout the entire world. The server itself is incredibly powerful, as hundreds of players are connected at once. The usual reward for winning the tournaments is simply satisfaction. As a measure of respect for the library's atmosphere, Alexander usually plays at home.

On another note, Cards against Humanity is another favourite of Stark's.

Abilities: Stark is not very comfortable in open combat, greatly preferring a more hit-and-run style. Mobility is Stark’s field; his freerunning skills are legendary. Even when pushed off of a two-story building, he'll land perfectly, without any injury.

Along with this, Stark's ability to traverse urban environments allows him to cross a city in minutes, and arrive at a location well before anyone following him. He can move with such grace and skill that enemies find that they have a very hard time hitting him, as if Stark can predict the path of a bullet before it's fired. He’s been shot several times before, but recovered.

When he wants to make an entrance, Stark will bring along a pair of small but very powerful speakers and play loud music, with the uncanny skill to move in time with whatever song is playing. Favourites include Ode to Joy, the 1812 Overture finale, Lorde's cover of Everybody wants to Rule the World and You're Gonna Go far, Kid by the Offspring.

Not very much is known about his past; Stark doesn’t like to talk of it, showing sadness or even anger when asked. Rumor has it he was a subject of some form of cruel biological experiment, others say that Stark simply had a traumatic childhood. There are many hypotheses, ranging from the mundane to the bizarre, and Stark has never confirmed or denied any of them. Although he claims to have a home, nobody has any idea where it is, though sometimes he'll stay at the Wanderer's Library for a few days.

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