Alexander Helbreicht

Name: Alexander Helbreicht

Aliases: Alex, German, Kraut

Played By: BlaineH

Position: Ethics Committee, Former Researcher

Security Clearance: Level 5

Description: At 25 years old, Alex stands at about 6'1" (~1.85 m), being of German descent his skin is quite pale, he boasts brown hair and blue eyes, his usual clothing is surprisingly casual, a very loose fitting dress shirt, black jeans, and a badly tied tie is his usual outfit.

Background: All that is known about Alexander's early life was that he was born near the time that the Berlin Wall fell. It is understood that his childhood was exceptionally ordinary. He was scouted for the SCP Foundation due to his inherent understanding of the human psyche, and his apparent desensitization to the repulsive, meaning a very hasty promotion to the Ethics Committee. Alexander appears to have an almost eerie stoicism when it comes to his work, and it would not be surprising for others to shun him for such, since his level of clearance allows him to know just about every horrifying thing.

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