Alex Mason

Name: Alex William Mason

Backround: MD; PhD, Advanced Pharmacology; Military explosives training; PhD, Advanced Psychology;

Clearance Level: Level 4 Global

Department/Position: Head Medical assistant for the team assigned to Stefan Walker. He is also head technician in charge of making specialised explosive devices, and formulas.

Physical appearance: 6'7" tall, 186 lbs, light green eyes, shoulder length almond color hair pulled back in a ponytail. Has a fit body build, and works out on a regular basis to keep that build.

Age: 17

Personal History: Not a huge amount is known about Alex by most because he hardly speaks. What is known about him is that he is a genius with an IQ estimated to be 245. He graduated from school at age 8, and medical school with multiple PhD's, and had a massive interest in explosives even at a young age. The foundation first found interest in Alex after an Incident with SCP-[data redacted]. Having proven his worth with improvised explosives, and quick thinking in dealing with SCP's they took him into the Foundation training program at age 13, and covered his disappearance saying he died in the incident used to explain the destruction caused by SCP-[data redacted].

Work Experience: Alex began his career as a low level medical technician and gave him some minor security training. After two years he rose through the ranks of the medical core and the respect of a good number of the doctors he works with, along with his natural talent with explosives making him one of the top explosives experts in the Foundation despite his young age.

He also volunteers in the cafeteria because he loves to bake, so he usually makes deserts for the whole staff. He also tends to be a bit of a prankster, and has gotten several warnings about his exploding treats, and is temporarily banned from the kitchen because of this.

Current assignment: the full time care of Stefan Walker, and making specialized explosive devices for containment purposes.

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