Agent Peterson

Name: Alex G Peterson

Aliases: Smokey, Peterson

Played by: DARKLORD62

Clearance level: 3

Position: Mobile Task Force Beta-1 technician and demolition expert, former security guard

Description: About 6ft, average build, black hair, around late 20s. His right eye is replaced with a completely black sphere and has claw makes which are often hidden by hair. He is always carrying a semi-automatic pistol, most of the time in his holster, but has been seen carrying it in hand. He is extremely paranoid and lacks social skills and has displaced some hostility towards others. He finds comfort smoking, smoking an average of 2 cigarettes a day.

Background: Born into a military family Alex shot his first gun around age 10, killing an adult moose as result. After becoming a green beret at the age of 18 he was recruited by the foundation as a security guard for some of the most dangerous SCP. During a containment breach caused by a group of interest, a SCP attacked and removed Alex's right eye. After a month of recovering, he joined the MTF Beta-1, with the sole desire to destroy as many of the groups of interest as possible.

Facts: He will not give you have a cigarette even if you beg for it. He likes to go by Peterson, he will hurt anyone who calls him by his first name or smokey unless it's a friend.

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