Albert Shea

Character name: Albert Shea
Aliases: Ape

Played by: RokonuxaRokonuxa

Position: Field agent

Clearence: 1

Description: Male. Rather slim. Aged 31.
Prefers black suits, does however not take care of them,
resulting in many folds
Often found with scribbles and notes on person.

Background: At the beginning of 2009, Albert Shea fell through Psychology courses five times, often being close to finishing. This was stressing the possibilities of gouvernmental funding for education. After being notified of this, he began training in the german "bundeswehr". This was finished a month late upon which he immediately left.
He then started working as a [qualificate this by doing that].
At this point, Albert Shea was a member of AWCY under Foundation surveillance. It was determined, that his loyalty to the group was compromised after incidend_[Insert blackbox here]. In accordance to operation "Deckweiss" he was Interrogated by on location agents, in order to gain access to further information. Over the time of the Interrogation, he eventually requested to be allowed to assist the Foundation more directly. This request was dismissed and he was placed in [Place What_keeps_people_from doing_things Here]
His data was subsequently reviewed and after three weeks of imprisonment deemed useful and trustworthy enough for low clearance operations. In the follow-up his training was adapted to Foundation standarts and received level 1 clearance.

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