Alan James Ballard

Character Name: Alan James Ballard

Aliases: Alan, Al, Agent Ballard, Special Agent Ballard, Ballard, James, Al B.

Played By: DevereauxDevereaux

Position: UIU Special Agent, Top secret clearance

Description: 6' 1", 26 years old, pale skinned, black hair, with grey eyes. He likes to wear a grey or black suit. He is slightly misanthropic, always curious, commanding, and prefers to work alone, but can work with a team if necessary.

Background: He was the kind of kid that would stay up late at night and read ghost stories under his covers. He lost interest in the unknown when he went to college. He was quickly recruited by the FBI after college for his marksmanship and initiative. He worked his way up through the ranks before a botched drug bust got his partner killed. He knew it was his fault and that he was going to be demoted. But instead of waiting to be demoted, he offered to join up with UIU. They let him, and actually gave him a high-ranking field job.

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