Ailsa Donnachaidh

Character Name: Ailsa Donnachaidh

Aliases: Alice Robertson

Played By: Ellie Mirra

Position: Junior Researcher

Description: Tall, slender, and almost deathly pale, she wears her hair short and black -often with a streak of a brighter colour- as opposed to her natural bright ginger (a hint towards her Scottish heritage, along with her name). As with most other "normal" human beings, she has a number of outfits, typically covered with a long white labcoat. Her typical clothing is a punk-goth-emo style of some description, and more often than not she can be found lost in her own world with a pair of expensive brand-name headphones blaring some electronic music into her ears and a laptop to tap away at.

Background: Born in London, and raised and taught at Oxford, she came was taken in by the Foundation following the acquisition of an anomalous piece of software, which came into her hands. Given her experience with technology both mundane and anomalous, she was given a choice between joining the Foundation, with the piles of paperwork and work involved, or being given amnestics to forget anything regarding her contact with the object. Of course, she agreed to join, and after telling her parents she had an overseas job in computing, she was sent off to help with research on SCPs and other objects pertaining to technology.

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