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Character Name: Aiden Stroud

Aliases: Captain Stroud, Captain.

Played By: Jellycog

Position: A squad leader of MTF-Zeta-9, Backup field commander.

Description: Tall, average build with dark blue eyes and brown hair styled in a military crew cut. Aiden is an exceptionally talented strategist and is a very intelligent leader with a eye for opportunities. He has a friendly, approachable attitude towards people and has a rather polite and formal way of speech even when talking to close friends.

Background: Was a gifted child growing up in Liverpool's metropolitan slums with parents who could hardly pay to feed and clothe him. Joined the military at the earliest possible age and got recruited for the Foundation after showing a high level of aptitude in a mission as the sole survivor of a squad that was ambushed by SCP-███. He rose up the ranks as a Site-█ guard and eventually joined MTF-Zeta-9, The Foundation's close quarters specialists. Aiden has since then been on a number of missions, and is now the commander of a 6 man squad.

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