Agent Tsujimoto Yukasuke

Character Name: Tsujimoto Yukasuke.

Security Clearance: Tsujimoto has level 2 clearance.

Current Location: Tsujimoto works at site-19(sometimes being moved to other sites depending on the situation) and lives in Bronx, New York.

Played By: BioScienceSCP.

Age: 43.

Description: Tsujimoto is a African/Asian American 5ft. 10in. tall and has a slightly muscular build. Tsujimoto has short black hair with dark blue eyes. Tsujimoto has a weak sense of humor laughing at jokes that normally people would find stupid. He invites everyone with open arms but takes specific situations with great importance.

Background: Tsujimoto worked for the NYPD before being found by the foundation. He learned free running to chase and run. After seeing his ability for catching and arresting objectives successfully he was recruited by the Foundation.

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