Agent Thomas Heartford

Name: Agent Thomas Heartford


Aliases: Lt. Heartford

Played by: ThomasPink

Background: Former Intelligence Officer of the United States Navy.

Department/Position: Officer on board the SCPS Archimedes.

Physical Appearance: 6'1" tall, 183 lbs, blue eyes, dirty blond hair. Fit and well-groomed

Age: 31

Work Experience: Fast food industry (1996-2000) USN (2001-2010, served 2 deployments to Afghanistan and has received Advanced Combat Training) Assistant Researcher for SCP-1245 (2011-present).

Personal History: Raised in a family of four, with a mother, father and brother. Joined the United States Navy at 18 as an enlisted member and became officer at 27. Picked up smoking in the Navy and is known to "Swear like a Sailor" when at work.

Reason for Recruitment: During February 2010, Lt. Heartford was on the USS [REDACTED], the first United States Ship to confirm the rumors of SCP-1245, on the coast of [REDACTED], Australia. While underway, SCPS Archimedes intercepted the USS [REDACTED] and launched canisters of airborne Class A amnesiacs into the ship. At the end of his deployment, Heartford filed a special request form stating: "Unknown government navy Men-in-Black types erased the crew's memory of a haunted whaling boat. Respectfully request permission for emergency leave and psychological therapy". The routing chit was intercepted by foundation personnel before it was able to reach his higher chain of command. After 12 hours of interrogation by foundation personnel, it was revealed that Lt. Heartford was standing right next to an EEBD (Emergency Escape Breathing Device) right when the canisters, harboring the amnesiacs, hit the ship. During the raid to verify that every one was administered the amnesiacs, Lt. Heartford was hiding in a hidden storeroom for SCBAs (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus)

…I've told you for the millionth time [EXPLICIT]! I thought that ship was shooting nerve gas at us, but when the other guys started [REDACTED] and not breaking out in lethal cramps, I just stood by as my shipmates were [REDACTED]… WHAT?! You mean you wouldn't do the same if some one was using a new kind of chemical agent?

Due to Lt. Heartford's position in the military, and advanced knowledge in combat training, he was given the rare opertunity to join the Foundation or [REDACTED].

Current Status: Stationed on the SCPS Archimedes, currently awaiting new orders.

Request for reassignment:Why the [EXPLICIT] am I stuck here in this harbor baby sitting a magical ghost ship with a taste for whale flesh? Give me a job where I am actually doing something I was trained for! -Agent Heartford

Recommendation from Dr. ██████, dated 03/10/14: It has come to my attention that we have no need for Agent Heartford's "Advanced Skills" in containing SCP-1245 and he is overqualified for this sort of duty. I highly recommend transfering him to Site-██ for further Foundation duty… Please just take him!

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