Agent Tent

Character Name: Adam Phillip Tent

Aliases: Pitch, Adam, Phil.

Played By: GobTraz.

Descriprion: Tall, skinny, Caucasian, bald with brown eyes.

Background: Agent Tent was a 34 year old SWAT member when he was recruited. He went to college for 4 years, then attended police academy for 4 years, and worked as a cop for another 8 years before he joined SWAT as a team reconnaissance officer.

He learned to find weaknesses in groups, and managed to take a few people down non-lethally. The Foundation took interest in him and found that his scouting talent and weapons training would allow him to recover artifacts and eliminate danger with ease. The Foundation offered him a job as a member of a containment team, with his goals being recovering artifacts and giving the locations of hostiles should his team be overwhelmed in a combat situation.

He usually travels in a five-man-minimum team in case of encountering a large group of hostiles.

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