Agent Schism



Clearance Level: 3

Position: Foundation Espionage and Counter-Espionage expert. Site 19 Jazz Band Saxophonist.

Played By: Agent SchismAgent Schism

Description: Agent Schism is a 6' 0" tall Caucasian male with dark brown eyes and long brown hair. Agent Schism possesses a voice modulator that he uses at all times, which made many site personnel to nickname him "Bane," for his voice bears resemblances to the Dark Knight Rises villain. He used this to prevent enemy infiltrators from finding what he really sounds like. Agent Schism's general wear is extremely extensive and varied due to his extreme paranoia about enemy infiltrators finding his identity. Schism has been heavily advised to change his outfit, but he says that he does change his outfit while undercover, but prefers to keep his outfit on while on site and on certain missions. His outfit is as follows:

  • (1) men's M. size overcoat requested specifically from Men's Warehouse (Purple)
  • (1) men's M. size dress shirt (white)
  • (1) standard length dress tie (purple; no pattern)
  • (1) men's M. size dress pants requested also from Men's Warehouse (Purple)
  • (1) Bandanna mask with no back tie that is 12" from top to very bottom escalating up (purple)
  • (1) white rimmed purple Plexiglas eyepiece connected to the right side of the bandanna. Special electronic components are also requested to make the computer to run the eyepiece.
  • (2) black size M. gloves
  • (1) black with purple trim chapeau-style hat. has a purple band around the middle with metal buckle.(cosmetic) (1) purple feather stuck behind the left flap of the hat
  • (1) voice changer
  • Pairs of men's briefs, size M
  • (2) size 9 1/2(US) men's dress shoes
  • (2) size M black dress socks

Agent Schism goes heavily armed at all times. These weapons include, but are not limited to:

  • A heavily modified Steyr AUG
  • Two (2) 9mm pistols, both have ether gold or silver inlay2(Silver one named "Argentum," and gold one named "Arium")
  • One (1) black revolver of unknown make with white plating on the handle(See Log Of Anomalous Items for reference)

Agent Schism keeps all his ammunition on an ammunition belt that is fastened to his waist at all times. Agent Schism will usually switch his standard load out when confronted with certain situations.

History: Agent Schism was recruited by the Foundation in Washington D.C. after a Chaos Insurgency raid, where Agent Schism was trailing a Chaos Insurgency operative and saved Site-██when he assassinated the operative. Agent Schism was not sighted in his now normal attire, but in regular combat gear worn by German SS captains with a full face bandanna. Agent Schism was regarded as an enemy agent, and was reprimanded after the battle. After a thorough background check and interrogations, Foundation operatives were ready to amnesiac him and send him back into the general population. The Foundation then realized that he possessed many of the required qualities for a Foundation agent. After more tests and █ months for which Agent Schism was in Foundation custody, Agent Schism was deemed mentally sane and allowed to work for the Foundation.

He was originally a recovery agent until Agent Schism used [DATA EXPUNGED] to infiltrate enemy lines. Since then, Agent Schism has infiltrated █ GOI. And has recovered █ objects awaiting SCP classification. Foundation operatives have regarded Agent Schism as somewhat a joke, due to his strange dress code and voice. But the Foundation considers Agent Schism a valuable asset, for he has infiltrated more GOI than any Foundation agent, and have called out █ enemy spies inside the Foundation itself.

Personality: Agent Schism's personality is described as somewhat cold but still friendly at times. Agent Schism will socialize with all the staff given that he and they aren't on an assignment. But when alone, personnel report that he is sullen and depressed-looking. Agent Schism is very sentimental, and likes to keep objects that remind him of certain events. Agent Schism has noted that he enjoys Men's Warehouse suits and Russel-Stover select chocolates.3 Agent Schism, when confronted with anomalous objects, has taken them into Foundation custody and has helped with their SCP classification study. He has shown on many occasions to know exceptional amounts of information about info and mimetic SCP objects. It is not known where he received this information. Agent Schism is very sentimental, and will keep many objects that are close to him or remind him of certain events. Agent Schism is extremely paranoid about enemy infiltrators informing hostile agents about him, so he is very suspicious to any personnel he doesn't know extensively.

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