Agent Samuel Lester

Character Name: Samuel Lester

Played By: Hades42

Position: Squad coordinator in MTF Pi-1, Breach suppression and rapid response

Field Of Training: Remote drone control, Weapon use and maintanance, Close quarters and martial arts combat

Clearance Level: Level 3 agent default (Information regarding SCPs beyond clearance should be handed out when the act prevents immediate injury or death)

Physique: 1,9 m, Black hair cut short, Blue eyes, Fingerprint ID#44-85-771-████

Archived Background: Agent Lester was hired by the foundation in the year 2001, at the age of 24. Lester has since took part in the capture and containment of SCPs in Major urban areas. He has been credited for clean operating. But has been issued warnings for neglectful behavior towards containment of low risk SCPs.

Addendum:1 Following the events during response operation: 274-1-14, agent Lester has been revoked of his license to operate foundation APC's

Note: This is bullshit! First you take away my gun, and now I can't even drive anymore?! -Agent Lester

Note: Your license was revoked for a reason. Yes, the vehicles are near indestructible. No, that does not mean they can be driven through walls without proper reasoning. -MTF Pi-1 commander ███████

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