Agent Robert Johnson


Character Name: Robert Donavin Johnson

Profession Nickname: Agent Johnson

Preferred tools: Carbines, combat knifes

Occupation: Field Agent

Based: Site-19

Age: 34

Weight: 160 lbs

Height: 6'1 ft

Nationality: American

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

Eye color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

Personality: Serious, silent

Composition: Thin, muscular

Languages: English(most fluent), Arabic

Backstory: Agent Johnson had hated his job as a waiter in New York so he joined the Marines. He had fought in Afghanistan under the command of Commander Johnny Walus. During the battles he wore a helmet cam which captured great marksmanship and stealth during battle. The footage caught the attention of the ISA, who then admitted him into the special operations unit in 20█. Agent Johnson had taken place in 10 missions with special operation unit █. A few of these missions include Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation ████████, and Operation Red █████.

After careful analysis of Agent Johnson's skills. The SCP Foundation enrolled him on June 1, 2005 as a field agent. Agent Johnson had shown a great amount of bravery and optimism during missions until incident X-1. After incident X-1 Robert has become more distant and hardened. He rarely is ever seen near other operatives unless on field missions. Yet, he still exerts the same amount of skill on the field.

Incident X-1:
During mission to capture SCP-███, Agent Johnson had been captured and tortured by SCP-███. During capture, Agent Johnson had been pumped with the ████ virus. After Agent Johnson had been rescued, he experienced mental trauma from the incident. Agent Johnson is to wear a mask to hold the virus in. Monthly pack empty is manditory. See Item-2274 for more details.

A specialized mask that holds in most air borne viruses. An oxygen pack is to be connected to the back of the mask using 2 ██████ tubes (one for breathing capabilities, the other for sucking in unclean air. At the end of each month, the pack must be emptied.RP-8-Steampunk-leather-Gas-Mask-1.jpg

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