Agent Portalception

Agent PortalCeption
Portalception, PortalCept, PortalCep, Dr. Ception, Portal, Dr. Portalception
Played By
Sergeant, Sercurity Clearance Level 4
Portal is a 32 year-old male of above-average build. He has brown eyes, black hair and stands at 165cm tall. Portal only has a middle school scholarship due to his lack of subject knowledge, although Portal is not very useful in his studies, he knows a lot when it comes to random subjects. He is very skilled in researching and often likes to play games and go out with friends. Even though he has an attention span of a rubber band, he can concentrate on things he likes to do. Portal is single and have no relationships. He is very atheletic and can sprint at a very high speed, however, he has very low stamina and usually prefers to go with force to running away. Portal can use his past experiences to predict the future quite accurately and can also think about stratgeties very quickly, allowing him to combat enemies easily. When not researching or fighting, Portal is mostly seen in a white dry-fit shirt, blue jeans, track shoes, sunglasses, a leather jacket and always has a heavily modified Desert Eagle .50 in his right pocket. Portal can easily detect and kill an enemy by his quick reactions and senses and is able to make quick decisions on whether to kill, disarm or weaken the enemy. One of Portal's weakness is that he does not acknowledge his injuries or health as he have developed a 50% resistance to pain due to his parents' torture. Portal has no problem with guns as he had always liked them as a child and fired one at the young age of 12. He has then started training with guns when he was 18. He claims to have the ability to slow down time for him to 50% normal speed (which explains his quick reactions) and that he can "record" and "playback" scenes in his life as he has a photographic memory. He can also visualise "Heads-Up Displays" due to his large amount of time spent on his games and his ability to tap into his brain's infomation easily. Portal picks up and learns things very easily as he is able to fully control his body. He is suspected to be a sentient humanoid robot but tests have proved otherwise.
Portal was brought up in a high demanding family, and was often beaten for small mistakes. During elementary school, he exceled in all subjects but in his middle school, he only improved in his maths and science, whereas the rest of the subject's grades have dropped significantly, which caused his parents to punish him even more. Portal dropped school, disowned his parents and lived under a new name at the age of 14. He has since started a carrer in gaming and joined the foundation at the age of 22 due to his "gifted" abilities.

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